Fruit Basket is a full service creative agency from Berlin.
The expertise of our team covers the most important areas of the creative industry and enable you to receive a great selection of services that produce amazing results and breakthroughs.

As Digital Natives we know first-hand which online media outlets work best, where trends are headed, how to connect with a younger audience and how a brand can lead with purpose. Our mission is to make any dream a profitable and rewarding reality, that can be positive force, empower change and create new communities.


You see, diversity, curiosity and creativity are important values, that not only inspire us to achieve greatness, but by which we can navigate this ever-changing world. We are humbled to get to do such meaningful work that we so deeply enjoy. And we are genuinly looking forward to all those amazing new things that we can create together. 

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Anna Sprogis
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Luise Schenk
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Nico Maksymiec
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